Book 1 – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 : Plan To Earn A Fortune



The Jiang Clan regulations are very strict , the juniors who break the clan rules can also be killed which is not a new matter,Jiang Yi Was thinking about the Dan Pharmacy matter so he completely forgot about the Token,but now can only be calm at this moment,turns the head to say slyly :”Steward ,Excuse me,I have kept it in my house,forgot to bring………”

Contrary to Jiang Yi’s surprise, it was very generous of steward,waved and said:”Nothing, remember to send over within two days,you go faster Jiang Yi, Liu elders must be waiting in alchemy room Do not mess with Liu elders,remember do not upset him !”
Jiang Yi quickly said yes,leaving the steward’s room walked towards his own small courtyard,heart is secretly worried that if within these two days steward asked for a token again, or simply went to his place ,everything will be immediately exposed ah … …

“Manage him,first to wait,can only tow for day after day!”

When Jiang Yi returns to his yard stressfully,Jiang Xiaonu has prepared the breakfast, is sitting on the stair holding chin waiting for him to come back,on fine small face is the worried look. Saw that Jiang Yi came, anxiously saying: “Young master, where did you go?I was worried,Chunya listened to the other saying that very early in the morning Jiang Ruhu and group had gone to medicine field to find you, you did not go to the medicine field ……”

“Oh? Sure enough!”

Jiang Yi face sank,thought in mind if had Dao Boundary Double with coordination of Black Yuan Force,can beat the living daylights out of that group,What a pity this black Yuan force has only mysterious function ,cannot assist in practice ……

“Mysterious function, right, eats meal quickly ,must continue to attempt ,yesterday tried one ability of increasing Drug efficacy, perhaps this black Yuan force also has other functions.”

Jiang Yi is secretly excited, comforted Xiaonu,and told he has no need to go to medicine field,works now at Dan Pharmacy.For these days as long as did not leave Jiang Family Courtyard, Jiang Ruhu et al. do not have the means to get him.Jiang Yi always tolerates other juniors in”comparing notes”, but he now works at Dan Pharmacy,some scruples as Jiang Ruhu and others, don’t dare to ask for trouble in Jiang Family Courtyard visibly?

After finishing breakfast,Jiang Yi examined the injury of Xiaonu, discovered after applying medicine,she was better, did not go to manage her. Returns to his room,took out Huang Shendan swallowed it, when the efficiency has manifested suddenly then the revolution black Yuan force to assist in healing.

All day, he did not go out at home healing by power of Black yuan, the results made him feel depressed. Although the black yuan force reappears two new capabilities – allow enhanced hearing and smell, but the study of the day, regardless of how he wanted to approach, only ten threads of Black Yuan can be refined !

Hearing and smell enhancement, both are side ability and not much action, and black Yuan force moves to ear, his ear immediately noisy, a roar let him be abnormally uncomfortable. Sense of smell becomes strong,odour from the inside of waste pit can clearly smell, so he was very sick,he is not concerned about these two new capabilities.

Besides, he never found the other features of black Yuan power,he analysed it, this black yuan force should be a very Special Energy Law Which- can increase his blue Yuan force power, increase his Senses acuity, increase the efficiency of the Dan.

“Why can not increase my practice speed? Practice speed is slow as a snail,only ten threads of black Yuan force can be extracted amount is too small, even if the black Yuan force is fused, I can only deal with later Dao Boundary triple Warrior,Such a waste…… ”

Studying till midnight, Jiang Yi injuries almost good,can not determine rest of the function ,he fell asleep with deep regret,no sleep last night also,he finally could not stay up.

The second day before dawn, Jiang Yi woke up, an hour of practising River Law, after breakfast he asked Xiaonu to stay with Chunya for some days,to avoid trouble from Jiang Ruhu he hurried towards Dan Pharmacy.

Thinking that he can refine high-grade compounded drugs in Dan Pharmacy with help of Black Yuan force secretly,and sell it for money to repay the debt of Fengyue building, he was immediately happy.As long as makes fast money,he can also go outside to purchase all very high-quality Dan to assist his practice,to promote to Dao boundary double as soon as possible ,then he should not have to fear Jiang Ruhu et al.!

Dan Pharmacy was quiet,Liu elder was unexpectedly not in? Jiang Yi was secretly happy, immediately wants to start the refinement of Dan secretly,if in any case Liu Elder came back,he can say that he was studying how to refine Dan,Since trying to study Liu elder should not be offended?

If you seek riches and danger is unavoidable!

Which day the Steward will again ask for the token,Jiang Yi time is low,did not think so much, started to consider inside which Dan to refine .

Suddenly,he remembers something,taps the head to say annoyingly: “Which Dan to refine,I do not know how to refine,Stupid ……”

Refining tools readily available,many large or small Dan stoves are in great hall,refinement materials also readily available,in a room has greatly amount of raw materials,but Jiang Yi does not know,How difficult it is prepare the mixture,which raw materials to put in the Dan stove to prepare it?

“It seems like next few days must carefully observe Liu elder While refining Dan, first must learn the technique of refinement ……”

Jiang Yi decides secretly,brings the broom to clean,entire built up inside and outside the dwelling place was clean, saw that a big form half step flushes in,grey hair is scattered in disorder like the weed,he walks in also talked on endlessly muttered: “Is unreasonable, unreasonable,what is this Earth Rank Dan’s that inexplicable ingredient? What is? Is Bai Zhifen? Is turmeric yellow ……”

Jiang Yi looking down cleaning, suddenly looked up, startled by this man, a closer look before quickly hands over to salute: “Seen the Liu elders”

“Oh ? Is you!”

The Liu elder was also awakened by Jiang Yi, the vision sweeps, nods the head slightly said: “Good, is more diligent than Jiang Song that waste, right ……What are you called?”

Jiang Yi said: “Liu elder, my name is Jiang Yi.”

” Jiang Yi !”Liu Elder nodded, waves saying:”You immediately prepare 20 Qian Fuling,30 Qian Baifan, 15 Qian Checao, 40 Qian ……The old man wants to refine the pill of immortality immediately,today must refine the Earth Rank Dan!”

(Note : Above names I have used direct chinese names, if you have other suggestions you can tell me)

Saying Liu elder entered the learning hall,Jiang Yi was scared,because he does not know what is Fuling? What is Baifan? He does not dare to ask that ,can only enter in the room of medicinal herbs embarrassedly.

Looking at the piled up medicinal herbs of entire room,Jiang Yi helpless draws back, enters in the learning hall to inquire Liu elder how to differentiate medicinal herbs,Liu elder was seeing disposition medicinal powder attentively,he came in stood some little time had not looked at others eye ……

“Well? Here are some books?”

His vision sweeps in the learning hall, sees near the left wall on the book shelf to have many books, walks to examine hastily. Quick he had found books about medicinal herbs synopsis, inside also has the simple drawing unexpectedly, immediately with great happiness holds the books to walk towards the raw material in medicine room, prepares to take out the medicinal herbs that Liu elder needs.

“Is a promising young man, this Jiang juniors is really more intelligent than Jiang Song ……”

Liu Elder disregarded Jiang Yi a moment ago, at this moment waits for him to walk away to turn head actually,secretly nodded muttered, continued to dispose the medicinal powder.

“Um, this is Fuling, 20 Qian ……”

Other side Jiang Yi looking in the books,careful identification,was looking for the less than half hour time to find the plants,the medicinal herbs fully that Liu elder needed, with a small steelyard accurate scale.

“Fuhhh…,This should be right?”

After Preparing all medicinal herbs,Jiang Yi wiped the sweat on forehead , stands up to walk outward,saw that an old man of having dishevelled hair is standing before him looking at him with a death stare,this feeling like is like you were sleeping soundly to discovers the evil spirit in your side,absolute terror ……

The people are scary, can be extremely scary!

Jiang Yi body trembles, has not waited for him to speak, does not know When Liu Elder actually came puts on a serious face saying:”Can medicinal herbs preparation take that long time? Didn’t take? Ahem ……Waste!”

Jiang Yi face turned pale,changes mind thinks,since Liu elder looked from behind,raw material for medicine that I collected is however right.

“Idiot, take the black stone quickly, light a fire!”

“Fool, black stone were many…”

“Injects the Yuan force quickly, remelt it ……”

“Idiot! Because of you, this compounded drug in stove was wasted,take the same raw material for medicine quickly, continued to refine ……”

“Waste, Fool!”

“Has destroyed a stove, stupid pig because of you ……”

The entire morning, Jiang Yi was busy under the Liu elder’s direction, but also was scolded the entire morning. This Liu elder obviously night has not slept, but to refine the pill of gets up overstating,in afternoon, Jiang Yi was shortly hungry , meaning that the belly wauls have not stopped.

Moreover has remelted repeatedly, the Yuan force in his public region also left 1/10, but he does not dare to use the black yuan force actually, for fear that will be seen by this Liu Elder ……

After a morning of observation, Actually Jiang Yi understood the steps of this refinement of Dan,the refinement of the pill is divided into the smelting,Materialization of Dan,remelting three steps, what makes him desperate is, this refining the Dan first step smelting raw material for medicine and third step remelts Dan was actually easy to do, second step Materialization of Dan he was actually completely unable to understand.

Materialization of Dan Liu elder will personally begin each time, with the formidable flame Yuan force,splits up to build up medicinal quality inside of the compounded drug.He noticed that Liu elder with so powerful strength while refining to be sweating profusely, does not want not to think about this strength temporarily ……

Cannot refine the Dan,How can he pour his black yuan force into the Dan?

The getting rich Plan has maligned shortly, belly was also hungry , the Jiang Yi innermost feelings depressed to the extreme.

“Quality is not right, has destroyed a stove, can not refine it ……Where issue does his mother is left with? Aren’t the medicament increases right? What medicament didn’t I carefully increase to build up the Earth Rank Dan yesterday?”

Last stove compounded drug draws a charge, the Liu elder took one look, on the face immediately was the disappointed and exhausted colours, he was foul-mouthed several strides walks towards outside of the building, gets to the entrance to awaken, turned head to sweep Jiang Yi in one eye, confessed saying:”Jiang ……What? You throw all these waste Dan, first go back to eat meal, in the afternoon earnestly look at several medicinal herbs synopsis, do not take quite a while to look for the medicinal herbs next time ……Also, some people come to get the compounded drug, do not give ……Did his mother,What problem does it have?”

“Issue left is …… My this black Yuan force! Ahem,If I do not inject the black Yuan force,can not refine Earth Rank Dan for a lifetime!”

Jiang Yi muttered one secretly,tiredly start to collect the waste Dan he refined a moment ago,prepare to discard it.

“Waste Dan?”

Looking at all the white decadent Dans in the Dan stove,Jiang Yi pupil bright,currently indeed he cannot suddenly refine the Dan, but at present isn’t there ready-made Dan? Although has been abandoned, but if he remelts and inject the Black Yuan Force again, can perhaps turn this waste Dan into Dan ……


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