Book 1 – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 : Earth Rank Dan



(Note: Dan – Immortality drugs / Compounded Drugs)

“Ahh ! Not Good……..”
Jiang Yi sat down on the ground, but a lot of the Dans of the furnace are out in ground, at least fifty pieces, the most important among them is the Spirit Shendan which is a Human Rank Top Grade Dan ! He has heard that Human Rank top grade Dans are sold for, a minimum of one silver, in other words if all the Dan inside of the Furnace exploded, then he destroyed fifty-two Silvers worth immortality Drugs ……

A brown form shoots out from the nearby learning hall , a violent atmosphere coming out of his body presses down on Jiang Yi making him unable to breath , Liu Elder’s pair of eyes swollen with wrath , he stared fiercely at Jiang Yi , single Handedly grab the Dan Furnace opened the lid,immediately checked it up.

Jiang Yi turns quiet , Secretly praying that Not too many Dans inside the furnace to be damaged , otherwise this Liu Elder ,if the violent anger explodes ,even if killed him,the family will not say anything ………

“Damn , this furnace almost all compounded drug has exploded, how did you work ?”
Liu elders a glance, his face was filled with more rage, his eyes as a knife swept over Jiang Yi’s face, hands rolling out the Red Yuan Force, ready to beat Jiang Yi .

“Ended ! ”

Jiang Yi can only wait for death ,although this Liu Elder is responsible for the refining of immortality pills , but the strength in Jiang Family is among Top 10 , Thus there is no chance for him to be alive after beaten down.

“What ? ”

Suddenly ,Liu Elder’s eye flashed with a surprised colour , extended the palm and received , last two remaining Dans In the Furnace His vision Full of Doubts , feeling as if …..Is somewhat different from the original Huang Shendan He was refining ?

Jiang Yi survived, quickly wiped out cold sweat, nervously watching every move of Liu elders.

“This, this immortality Dan ……”

Liu Elder’s completely disregarded Jiang Yi ,pair of eyes stared round with shock ,on the two black Dans in the Dan Furnace ,the whole face was surprised : “Is Spirit Shendan not white ?Why These two are Black ? Probably……..Was the efficiency enhanced ?”

“Black? Two?”

Jiang Yi eyes twinkle , mind moving suddenly has a very bold idea : ” Because I had injected two wisps of Black Yuan force ,Did this Dan Furnace explode ? Only Two Dans have not exploded, instead were turned into black from white ? Was also because of the two wisps of Black Yuan Forces?”

“Efficiency indeed was enhanced!”

Liu Elder’s eyes looked more and more brighter , just endlessly kept talking : “This lustre, this efficiency, like, looks like it very much! Old man has refined the pill of immortality for a lifetime, ……Finally refined up two Earth Rank Dan?”

“Earth Rank Dan?”

Then Jiang Yi mind moves, he remembers last night healing, the black Yuan Force increased Huang Shendan efficiency by four or five times? Plus just the situation now, his heart he determined when furnace all Dans were Fried, only two became Earth Rank Dan, the Black Yuan Force is definitely the reason ……


Jiang Yi hesitates, Liu Elder’s suddenly swallowed down the black compounded drug , then sits cross-legged. The moment he has opened eye, pair of eye is excited and wild with joy: “Ha, this indeed is the Earth Rank low-grade Dan, 30 years! The old man finally to refine a Earth Rank Dan, the old man finally no longer a First Division Refinement Master…. ”

Jiang Yi curled the lips, thought in his mind you did not refine it…….

But he did not dare say anything, honestly stood, innermost feeling expected that this Liu Elder’s mood is excellent , can possibly release him ….


At this time outside Dan Pharmacy came slight sound of footsteps,a teenager secretly drilled in, glanced at Jiang Yi, with flattering smile on his face and walked toward the Liu elders,at the same time cupped one hand in the other across the chest saying:”Congratulates the elder, congratulates the elder, you built up the peerless compounded drug finally ……”

“Smack !”

The complexion of Liu elder actually changed, the hand sweeps off, the youth sweeps outside the front door directly, coldly snorted to him: “Jiang Song,you can roll now, after today do not come to this alchemy room , stupid fellow always lazy ! ”

Jiang Yi shrieked out , secretly thinking Liu Elder really an odd person ,just a moment ago was wild with joy , then suddenly got so angry……..

Seeing Jiang Song swollen face , Jiang Yi did not dare to stay , at the same time cups one hand in the other across the chest to say in a low voice: “Liu elder you are busy.”At the same time retreats toward outside fast.

“And so on!”

Who would have thought that Liu elder Calls him, the vision locked on Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi has only been able the face to stop the footsteps painstakingly: “What does elder have to say?”

Liu Elder shameless shows smiling face suddenly, walked several steps, the big hand has patted on his right shoulder, grinned to say with a smile: “You boy is good, will be the luck of old man! Um ……Jiang Song that waste I do not want, temporarily does not have the manpower to help, you later in this group of old man refine the pills of immortality.”


The Jiang Yi whole body trembles, immediately swings the rattle-drum, the decisive rejection said: “It is not good, Liu elder, I do not understand the refine the pill of immortality, i cannot do anything , and ……I still work in medicine field now, if I help you, the steward in charge of that side What do I confess to him?”

This Liu elder temperament is so strange, in his works, if any day offended him? Under his violent anger if was patted by a palm , I may die on the spot ……
“Confess ass!”

Liu Elder getting angry is quicker than flipping through a book ,also with a frowning angry look said : “Old man wants someone, let alone that steward is something to stop me , even the House Hall Grand Chancellor Jiang Yunshe do not dare to say a character.You go and say the steward about it if he does not agree this old man will tear him down.As for the understanding of refining pills ,you can study from now ,Bout you have to be better than that Jiang Song Waste, otherwise this old man will not forgive you …….Such settled,you come back tomorrow morning to work, the old man has to do a good research in this Dan, ha ha ha, Earth Rank Dan …… ”
Liu Elder held the remaining of that black Dan, assuming an air of self approbation was gone, Jiang Yi actually looked distressed almost on verge of crying.

However turns the head to think that worked in his favour as he has no need to go out to medicine field? Jiang Ruhu et al. don’t dare to come to this area or come to his courtyard to begin with? He will have time to research the black yuan force.

“Black Yuan force?”

Suddenly, in his mind flashes through a thought that the pupil shine brightly, if his black Yuan force can strengthen the drug efficiency? That Human Rank high-grade goods Huang ShenDan, was very likely a moment ago because of the black Yuan force made the efficiency to be enhanced , turned into the Earth Rank Dan.

If ……He works in this, can’t he refine the pill of immortality secretly? Refines high-quality compounded drug with the aid of the black Yuan force, Nobody can know he can take it to sell unconsciously!

Human Rank high-grade goods compounded drug 5.2 silver, ten are 52, 100 is 520, if can refine 200 Human Rank high-grade compounded drugs in one month, the huge debt of Fengyue building can be returned with ease? If refined one again a moment ago like the Earth Rank Dan, perhaps several can sell more than 12 Golds ……

“Ha ha!”

Jiang Yi secretly ecstasy, the pressure of a large stone in heart, and finally down to half.Does not want to work under this Liu Elder, at this moment were glad actually.

“Um, first went to the Steward in charge that to inform of this.”

Jiang Yi walks out, gets to the entrance suddenly to remember the original goals, thinking that this Liu elder holds a special fondness to him? He has hesitated, walks toward the leaning hall gradually.

“Ha, Earth Rank Dan? Does this furnace refines Spirit Shendan into Earth Rank Dan? Is it possible that this furnace has some mystery? It is not good I must study well ……”

In the learning hall the Liu elder is sitting cross-legged on the ground, in the hand emits the flame yuan force remaining of that black compounded drug burning, concentrates on to study, has not paid attention to Jiang Yi completely.

“Liu elder.”

Jiang Yi waiting, Liu Elder has disregarded him, has to clench teeth to cup one hand in the other across the chest saying:”I want to get Huang Shendan and Yuan force Dan ……”

Liu Elder awakens finally, shot a look at Jiang Yi one eyes, impatient saying: “Goes to other side dwelling place to take, take as many as you want, do not come to bother the old man ……Well? In this Spirit shendan original ingredient, not other ingredients? How to turn into the Earth Rank suddenly? Strange, strange ……”

“Take as many as you like ?”

Jiang Yi the corners of the mouth pulls up, to work in this place also has this welfare? At that moment immediately cupped one hand in the other across the chest not to dare to disturb the Liu elder, went out of the learning hall to return to the hall, saw other one side also two rooms, two front door closed.

Jiang Yi shoves open a door vision to sweep, inside sees the medicinal herbs, should be west fields medicine herbs collection.His look to draw back, enters another room, just opened gate the nostrils filled with fragrant of medicine.

“Many compounded drugs ……”

The dwelling place of depositing compounded drug is very spacious, inside has two three big counters, has chocked up bottles and cans filled completely, with compounded drugs.

“Yuan soul Dan, Spirit ShenDan, Black ShenDan, Yuan Force Dan, Huang ShenDan ……”

Jiang Yi looks with excitement, this Liu elder said take as many as you like, that did not indicate how many compounded drugs he can take, but can also mean other ranks and high-grade goods of the compounded drugs?

“Ok, In cultivation the behaviour cannot be greedy ……”

Is suppressing the innermost feelings , Jiang Yi took the most preliminary Yuan force Dan honestly, three preliminarily healing Huang Shendan hastily left to his dwelling place, to meet the steward in charge of the medicine fields.

“Um, this Jiang juniors natural dispositions is good, not too greedy!”

Opens after Jiang Yi escape, the Liu elder with that full grey hair actually suddenly went out of the leaning hall to enter in the dwelling place to examine, after coming out, very satisfied nodded twittering, entered the leaning hall to study the place Earth Rank compounded drug that he “accidentally refined” once more ……


Jiang east court, effective room.

Steward noticed that Jiang Yi walked in, facial colour bad coldly asked: “Jiang Yi, Did you bring No. 5 medicine fields medicinal herbs inventory?”

Jiang Yi cups one hand in the other across the chest to say honestly: “Returns to Steward in charge, did not have ……”


The Steward in charge shouts angrily, interrupts his words directly: “Has not brought inventory, why did you come? Is this a place that you can come to? why hasn’t gone to go to field to check inventory?”

Jiang Yi touches the nose , said embarrassedly: “Steward, is not that I do not want to take inventory, actually Liu Elders asked me go to his help ……”


Steward sees Jiang Yi not to exit, instead quibbled to get angry immediately, has not waited for Jiang Yi to complete pounded on the table to stand up in the preparation to reprove him . However he is startled suddenly, eye opens suddenly, asks: “What did you say? Who makes you help? Liu elder? Refinement Liu Elder’s in dwelling place?”


Jiang Yi somewhat speechless, Jiang Family elder surnamed Liu only is one ……

“oh ?”

Steward’s complexion has changed, squeezes a smiling face quickly, collects to ask: “Good, Jiang Yi, you boy actually very fierce, had a liking for by Liu Elder unexpectedly? To be honest ……Do you have the talent in refining the pill of immortality? That Liu Elder’s took a liking for you? But Liu elder old-fashioned and very much tenacious, Jiang Song father strove for very long,before Liu Elder accepted him.”

“Talent that I have.”

Jiang Yi thinks secretly that forced smile shakes the head saying:”I do not know how Liu Elder has taken a liking for me.”

“Good, you go, from today to work in Dan Pharmacy, the family will not treat you unjustly , I will report the big Elder, to enhance your monthly Pay one time.”

Steward has patted Jiang Yi’s shoulder kindly, the manner of now and before has difference of sky and ground. Liu Elder has special status in the Jiang, thus Jiang Yi status also enhanced much, this young steward does not dare to offend Jiang Yi now, otherwise he said to the Liu elder, his current position will be gone ……

Jiang Yi nodded, turns around to leave preparing to go home to recuperate, unexpectedly that Steward in charge opens the mouth to say suddenly: “Right, Jiang Yi, you, since are going to work in Dan Pharmacy, hand over the Token that I gave, later should not have to visit west medicine field again.”


Jiang Yi complexion changes, The Token given by the steward he has given to the Fengyue building as mortgage, How can he deliver it at this moment ?


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