Book 1 – Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 : Gold Medal Trainer



After a while,Jiang Yi somewhat regretted,he has forgotten a matter, Jiang Henshui is probably in the Wu palace? If he meets with Jiang Henshui to, his status will expose immediately? A Jiang juniors is trainer in Wu Palace, this is not a glorious Thing ……

Looking at him hesitate, an entrance guard holds his arm immediately, warmly leads him to walk towards inside,while walking also comfortingly says:”Do not be worried inside Wu Palace killing is absolutely not allowed,when you act as the opponent in order to give others practice and if get injured, Wu Palace will offer medicine to cure you ……”

The Jiang Yi mood is not good,this moment inside Wu palace how many Masters and misses have come to Practice? Therefore lacks trainer.So eats whatever is offered unexpectedly(IDIOM),he who has Dao boundary single layer as trainer,fear that opposite party will not fight Him.

Enters Wu Palace,obviously Jiang yi does not feel right,here air was fresher than outside with a nice-smell,he does not need to sit in meditation he knows that here world divine Qi is much richer,in here practise speed to be absolutely quicker than outside.

This Slightly made him feel at ease, he followed after the protect guard to come in, what he sees is a spacious main hall,a single person is not inside,he drew the cape down,secretly prays to not run into Jiang Henshui.

The main hall has several corridors, the black protect guard leads Jiang Yi to arrive at the left corridor, confesses:”You walk towards inside following this corridor and at the end,look for Yang Steward, he will arrange everything for you.”

Jiang Yi paused, hesitated and asked: “Can I leave at any time?”


Black protect guard affirmatively replied: “You can leave any time,but if does not act as opponent in order to give others practice until darkness,can not ask for money.”

“Al right!”

Jiang Yi nodded, mind calms down, usually does not have the opportunity to enter such an high-end place that this rich and honoured juniors play,now can have a look of this world is not bad.

When Jiang Yi strides to go towards the corridor, that black protect guard loosened,feels relieved to sigh: “Finally hired one, oh ……As soon as This Spirit Beast Mountain Sect recruitment of students news flashed, young master and ladies in Tianyu city were generally insane, practising day and night. Even 100 trainers are insufficient to spar with them, this boy is only Dao boundary single layer, does not know how long can he insist? Half hours time should come crawling back ……”


Across the corridor, Jiang Yi arrives in a main hall quickly, this main hall in the centre are sitting cross-legged 7-8 people, all wearing a bronze beast mask unexpectedly,many person arms has injury,some tattered robes. There are many small rooms around the hall, you can hear the faint sound of fighting from within the dozen rooms.

“It seems like here was the place of sparring,is this small room the martial arts room? There is at least twenty, right? No wonder sparring partner are not enough.”
Jiang Yi hesitates secretly, a black robed Old steward walked to him,swept his eyes all over him,gives him a bronze Wolf mask, said indifferently: “Take the mask, your code number is the dark green wolf, will wait for my call then go to stage.You are a bronze medal trainer,acts as opponent in order to give others practice till the darkness,will be given 12 Silver,withdraws in middle,does not get money.”

Jiang Yi curiously receiving mask,secretly thinking no need to wear the cape,puts on the bronze mask with the rope belt hastily tied up. Is thinking in heart actually the trainers must put on the wild animal mask, should not be to stimulate that group of young son’s and ladies’ fighting spirit,well, to think of them as wild animal ,Severely beat them?

He was just about to inquire about the customs of trainers,when from behind corridor hears the sound of footsteps, that steward leaves him and moves forward to meet that somebody immediately with a smile.

A young girl wearing flame colour warrior gown comes out,face rises an air of pride, the beauty is medium,also to miss a grade compared with Ji Tingyu,because wears the tight-fitting warrior gown,which reveals the curved stature that looks very hot.

The young girl vision swept over Jiang Yi et al., somewhat discontented saying: “Yang Steward,does not have any silver medal trainer? All are bronze medal?”

The old man in charge compensates to say with a smile hastily: “Miss Yi, all of those trainers are sparring, You have to wait”

“Can not wait, must fight with several others casually,your this Wu Palace takes 12 Purples for a day, I come here to fight ,right.”Young girls coldly said,and then turns around to enter in a martial arts room, Yang Steward shouts toward the crowd hastily: “Wild boar! Go to battle, get on the stage.”

Martial artist wearing wild boar mask, immediately sets out to walk towards the martial arts room, the door quickly closed,once again the fighting sound resounds from inside of the room,as well as that tender young girl’s sound.

“Ah …… ah!”

The result came in only a moment, the door of martial arts room opened,that trainer stumbled out, the wild boar mask hung on the neck, revealed a face full of blood. Miss Yi’s form appears in the entrance, facing Yang Steward said: “Yang Steward,why is this bronze medal trainer strength so bad?Change him.”


Jiang Yi somewhat pitiful looks at this poor man who was labelled as pig,, this person Dao boundary double, Miss Yi’s strength is obviously at least Dao boundary four layers, even if both sides Yuan forces sealed,are not on same level.

“Red bear, Go to the battle!”But Yang Steward sighed, can only beckon to make another trainer go on stage, this moment all silver trainers in other martial arts rooms, he only can ask the bronze trainer to go start first.


Meeting room , door opened once more, that red bear mask martial artist was kicked out of the room, Miss Yi’s voice indifferently conveys: “Change players!”

“Oh ……This Sparring really lives up to its name,no wonder such a high price, or lack of people,this group of young masters and ladies are not even considering the trainers as human beings.”

Jiang Yi sighed secretly then actually suddenly hears one piece the sound, he turns head to look and discovered that the remaining trainers have drawn back several feet behind completely, does not want to go on stage to look obviously afraid ……

Yang Steward has a headache looks at the crowd to be scarred completely , also looks at other martial arts rooms in all directions, looked that no silver trainer has come out, can do nothing but pointing to Jiang Yi said: “Dark green wolf, go to battle.”


Jiang Yi is startled, immediately awakens,gets up with dark green wolf mask? Sets out to walk towards the martial arts room hastily, actually subconsciously turns head to sweep the entrance, actually sees a colour of silent tribute in the vision of all trainers……


Jiang Yi walked, front door automatically has been closed, he raised eyes to look, saw that this martial arts room was spacious, all around was hanging legendary luminous pearl, good place to train actually.


Suddenly,a ray appears on the entire martial arts room wall ,Jiang Yi inexplicable feeling a strength has imprisoned him, he moves the body actually to discover that does not have the least bit effect, the subconscious stimulates the Yuan force to discovery cannot use a blue Yuan force again.

“Really can seal Yuan force,quite mysterious!”

Jiang Yi exclaimed in surprise secretly ,it seems like in this martial arts room has some strange strategy, can seal the Yuan forces of all martial artist inside.

Without Yuan force, martial artists can only completely depend upon the instinct and reaction speed to the fight, as well as Martial Skills. In this way of training will be able to enhance reaction Speed, and Martial Skills largely.

“It is not right!”

Jiang Yi remembers a matter suddenly, the mood is not wonderful,his black Yuan force is probably also Yuan force? Also in Dantian? Since the Yuan force is sealed, this black Yuan force is also naturally sealed? Without the black Yuan force, his fate can only be the same as the two others before him, who were beaten half dead and then kicked out while alive ……

“Ahem! The rainstorm fist,Coming!”

Miss Yi standing on the opposite side, without thinking much, both legs moved rushed towards Jiang Yi, two fists pound like storm.


Although this Miss Yi fist does not have the Yuan force infused, but inside strength is actually full, Jiang Yi at this moment completely sure this person is Dao boundary absolutely four Layer, for many years Yuan force raises her strength equivalent to the strength of **horses(It was written like this in original novel), the attack speed is also fast may compared with Dao boundary double , he does not have Yuan force his fate is absolutely miserable.

“Black Yuan force, come out!”

His innermost feelings sinks, subconscious tries to assemble the black Yuan force, what makes him shake is surprise,that a wisp of black Yuan force revolves instantaneously from the Dantian,moves in the passages through which vital energy circulates.

Jiang Yi overjoyed, while rapidly receding back,controls the black Yuan force to move up towards the left eye. In his left eye quickly a black shines, the fist of the opposite party becomes clear and slow.

“Ah …… it is unreal!”

Jiang Yi a moment ago saw everywhere fist shade,but this moment one can actually lock two real fists with ease, his footsteps slid,Jiang Yi uses Illusion Steps to retreated towards the side.


Miss Yi did a round rainstorm fist pound to empty unexpectedly? Her fine small face is stunned, immediately becomes angry out of shame to start again, everywhere around Jiang Yi is covered once more with the fist shade .


The Jiang Yi vision locks that two real fist shades stubbornly, in the mind to judge the the attacking track and speed of opposite party fast ahead of time, first retreat to avoid,let the other side hit the empty air again.

“Weird, Must try again ……”

Miss Yi grasped crazily, half step came toward Jiang Yi body, has traded several feats of arms, pursued Jiang Yi to pursue to the end and hit hard. But regardless of how she attacks, Jiang Yi can avoid ahead of time, the step is relaxed, like calmly strolling in own backyard.

“Shouted, shouts ……Does not hit!”

After half hour fragrant time, Miss Yi stopped panting, the whole body sweats profusely,the tight fitting red warrior gown stuck to her exquisite tender body completely, showing her perfect curves on the body.

Does not have Yuan force to hold, she attacked a moment ago twice, at this moment the continuous attack was also long, is commendable, each fist each move of she puts forth with full power, the physical exertion was too big.

She angrily walks toward the front door, puts out a hand to pat nearby prominent stone brick in the gate , in the martial arts room the ray shines immediately, the front door opened.

Jiang Yi cleaned cold sweat on the forehead quietly, discovered that can assemble the blue elementary force in Dantian, secretly surprised. Isn’t the black Yuan force a Yuan force? Why blue Yuan force cannot be used a moment ago, but this black Yuan force can be used?

Checked,out of ten wisps of black Yuan force only remaining one wisp remained in the Dantian, Jiang Yi shook the head to sigh,looks like this trainer work does not suit him. If that Miss Yi insists on meeting again, when his black Yuan force consumption is clean, he can only wait to take a beating ……

He goes out of the martial arts room, actually saw that all trainers looked at him as looking at a monster, seems very surprised that he could walk out unscathed.

But that Miss Yi is feeling well on whole face, is preaching Yang Steward: “Yang Steward, you are very good! Looked that I Yi Ling Xue isn’t feeling well Arranged a gold medal trainer to pretend to be the bronze medal trainer ……Playing jokes like this upon this young lady is interestingly really?”

“Gold medal trainer?”

Yang Steward was scared,he also looks at Jiang Yi with one damn expression.Can this Dao boundary single layer Martial artist possibly be a gold medal trainer? If anybody can be a gold medal trainer,then Wu Palace would not be urgent to hire people……


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