Book 1 – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 : Wu Palace Sparring Partner

The cause of death of Liu elder was looked up quickly,what made Jiang Yi relieved was that,Liu elder had a solid illness, three years ago,once was nearly dead because of relapse,in these few days studied day and night which forced him to death……

Regarding the Liu elder, Jiang Yi does not have any sentiment,but its excellent that it was not a murder, actually did not die because of him,these day he felt very restless and guilty. Also before midnight went to the grave of Liu elder, has knocked several heads, has sprinkled two glasses of yellow wines.

But because of Death of Liu elder, Jiang Yi did not have the opportunity to refine Dan any more, entire Pharmacy was sealed. The family’s only Refinement Teacher was gone,can only buy Dan from outside,the Dan in that Pharmacy was stored up and archived.

Liu elders have been dead for three days, Jiang Yi hides in his own backyard to practice every day, making Jiang Xiaonu defend in the front courtyard. His heart kind of deeply concerned, now that he is not working in Dan Pharmacy,the family might arrange the new odd jobs for him,but the Steward in charge may also visit,to collect the token for west medicine field.

“Time, as long as I have time,any problem was not a issue!”

Jiang Yi sits cross-legged in the backyard,clenches teeth secretly,in these time of few days dozens of Runes on his seal has been erased,the practice speed also gradually increases and has achieved 7-8 times of original speed.

Although this speed is also far from compared with the outstanding juniors of family,his practise for one month is comparable to one day of others,the practice speed of outstanding juniors is 30 times Of Jiang Yi. But he believes that once Runes on his seal are erased, his practice speed will sooner or later overtake the majority of family juniors, even ……Going far beyond.

The black Yuan force refining has a upper limit, each time only ten wisps,but has the abnormal ability to increase efficiency, so long as his practice speed can promote to the level of family outstanding juniors, his strength has possibly to overtake them in a short time .

In fact,he has also thought about informing the family of breaking the seal, the matter of nameless merit law,causing the family to attach great importance to him,which can easily solve all issue.But thinking that these several years in Jiang nobody treats him well,in addition the matter of Liu elder, he fears that Jiang Family will vent anger on him,therefore he decided that once the strengths progressed by leaps and bounds and unable to conceal the truth then he will say.

“Jiang Yi, Get out!”

The front courtyard comes a shout,Jiang Yi collects all his train of thought as soon as he listens to the sound secretly thought in his mind not good,the Steward came finally.His body shrinks, immediately hides in the backyard pile of bushes, in this atmosphere does not dare to go out.

Vaguely, he heard the sound of Jiang Xiaonu’s low voice explaining ,the reproving sound of that Steward blazed with anger,after some time Jiang Xiaonu ran into the backyard and said: “Young master, The steward gone, but he said that early morning tomorrow you must go meet him,at the western Medicine field inventory.”

“Sure enough ……”

The Jiang Yi complexion sank, his pupil rotates several times,thought for a moment clenches teeth saying:”Xiaonu,you obediently stay at home, I must leave first.”

He enters in the room to take out the black robe that he previously purchased,then hurriedly left the courtyard,just walked dozens of feet,his footsteps stops and turns head suddenly,saw a form hiding in distant corner , immediately sneers.

“Jiang Ruhu has really send someone to keep an eye on me!”

His both legs infused with Yuan force , rushes toward the west gate ,simultaneously fuses Yuan force with the ears to listen,that person in back Quickly pursues.Jiang Yi dashes about wildly to enter into a nearby alley to hide suddenly, until that person behind rushes towards the front,he comes out fast turned the head to dash about wildly to go toward the Jiang south Field.

Walked out of the Jiang Family Courtyard , Jiang Yi determined that nobody tracks him, puts on the cape to directly go towards the city square. After less than half an hour time, he arrived in the east square very big Immortality Drugs shop.

He walks in, takes out a Purple Gold, moves to the counter, said: “Shop owner, give me ten Spirit Shen Dan!”

“Good,Bring Ten Spirit Shen Dan.”

The shop boss is a fat middle-aged person,looked at the Purple Gold face full of smiles to flatter immediately, while puts out a hand towards the gold-foil on counter to grasp with a smile: “Hey ……This customer,a Spirit Shen Dan is 12 silvers, amount to 12 Purple Gold.”


Jiang Yi coughed but, the hand actually does not loosen, that fat storekeeper facial colour changes, said with a smile hastily awkwardly: “It seems like the customer is a frequent guest, ……Altogether it comes to 92 Silvers.”

Jiang Yi then slightly nods the head, clenching teeth with pain loosens the hand, helplessly looks that at that painfully obtained purple Gold entering others’ purse.

He also has no choice, without the high-quality Dan depending upon his practice speed,to enter Dao Second layer in a short time is impossible, if dares to fight,to only crawl back home. On that day he and Jiang Ruhu agreed to meet ten days later outside the west gate,so he decided to practice with the aid of the high-quality Dan coordinated With black Yuan force……

Bought 10 Spirit Shen Dan, he held remaining 12 Silvers to leave hastily, actually directly walked towards the Treasure pavilion in south Square.

Liu Steward Received him like previous time , Liu Steward politely takes Jiang Yi into Accord, after calling a maidservant to offer scented tea, smiles to ask: “Son, you this time come to sell Dan? do you have good stuff?”

Jiang Yi smiles bitterly,actually he has ten Spirit Shen Dan only,just bought by him ……Is good That the whole piece face was covered in cape, Liu Steward cannot see his facial expression, he sets out to cup one hand in the other across the chest saying:”Liu Steward,I wants to see your young Miss, I have something to Request!”

Liu steward looked embarrassed, shaking his head and said:”Son,really sorry! The young lady went to Wu Palace to practice the day before yesterday. If you have important matter, ……I can ask chief in charge?”

“Wu Palace?”

Jiang Yi is startled ,thought he was unlucky, the innermost feelings are somewhat surprised, what important matter had happened in Tianyu city recently? Why these young Master ladies all go to Wu Palace to practice?

He actually does not have any special matter to see Ji Tingyu, on that day he felt that Ji Tingyu regard him as somewhat important ? Therefore coming rashly,he wants to ask her to go to the FengYue building to redeem the token first! He thought, as the young lady of Ji, the Treasure pavilion is so rich, 12 Purple golds for her definitely is a drop in the bucket, has not actually thought she is unexpectedly not present.

“No Thanks, I Will Come Again.”

Jiang Yi sets out,if lord is not present, do these servants dare to lend money arbitrarily? If asked the Chief Manager,and the opposite party doesn’t lend him ,then will he not be awkward?

Going out of Treasure pavilion embarrassedly,Jiang Yi stands in the square in a loss,looks at the heavy traffic continuously, innermost feelings worried. With Spirit Shen Dan, he did not fear Jiang Ruhu et al. actually, the issue was Dan Pharmacy is sealed, Without waste Dan,he did not know how to make money fast?

His vision swept the square, suddenly in north square a grand main hall attracted him,at this moment main hall was filled with people, was very lively, making him somewhat curious.

Wu Palace!

Jiang Yi knows about this grand main hall , in fact in the entire Xing mainland there is no one who does not Know about Wu Palace,because all city centres will have such a black Grand main hall . Moreover the history that Wu Palace has is too glorious,such as from the starting of Human era, this Wu Palace existed.

Wu Palace is not an influence, never participates in the mainland dispute, strict speaking, it should be the mainland’s biggest business! The objective however is to serve high-level martial artist and rich and honoured young master and young ladies, does not have the strength of Zifu boundary, to enter Wu Palace,While crossing the Gate must pay 12 Purple Golds.

Jiang Yi small time ago has heard, this Wu Palace simply is heaven for martial art practise, inside has formidable Ju Ling Array ,in inside can speed up practise by two times, inside also has many good things to assist practice various ways, can make the Martial strength to progress by leaps and bounds. However this Wu palace was an extremely remote place for him, he did not have to desire for it.

After seeing Wu palace periphery filled with human,Jiang Henshui and Ji Tingyu going to practice, Jiang Yi somewhat curious for a while, walked towards the front of Wu palace.

The Wu palace front door was shut tightly,but the side gate was actually open, but guarded by two black protect guards, the Jiang Yi vision followed the people and saw a notice outside Wu palace.

Swept through the notice, Jiang Yi mind dull, this Wu Palace is recruiting Sparring Partner. The treatment is actually very attractive,to spar with the bronze medal as the opponent for a day will be given 12 silvers,to spar with the Silver medal as the opponent for a day will be given 12 Golds, even to spar with the Gold medal as the opponent for a day will be given 12 Purple-Golds.

The so-called trainer, naturally accompanies others to practice martial arts, helping the opposite party enhance the actual combat experience. In other words, others can hit you casually, you can also hit back, but actually cannot injure the opposite party,this means on own initiative to take a beating.

The Jiang Yi strength is not high, even to go to take a beating, feared that mostly can be a bronze medal trainer,a day 12 Silvers is no help for his huge debt of 12 Purple Coins,he naturally is disinclined to waste the time.

Hearing the near by peoples discussion,has untied Jiang Yi’s actually doubts – several months later, it is said that a Great Sect will come to the Tianyu city to recruit students, therefore top young Master and ladies in city, all entered the Wu palace to practice, wants to win in the recruitment of students competition to get a chance to enter that Sect . So many top young Master and Miss entered Wu Palace to practice, inside trainers were naturally short ……

“Must go back to practice!”

Jiang Yi is not least bit interested in that very famous Sect, because is out of reach for him.He is not curious about the gossips of top young Master and Miss,So he turns around to walk towards Jiang Family Courtyard.


Just turned around, he was actually attracted by two young Martial Artist talks.

“12 Purple for a Day days! 12 Purple with that we can play for ten days and Nights in FengYue building, my Martial Art is not good, otherwise must go and work as gold medal trainer.”

“You are right, although during the spar time both sides Yuan force are sealed,but in that group of Young Master and Miss, Which of them is not above Dao Boundary 5-6 Layer ?Even without the use of Yuan force, by virtue of the reaction rate and the martial art can easily beat you into pulp. Yesterday my Dao boundary 3rd layer cousin to play as the opponent in order to give others practice for a day, finally was actually crawling back home, at this moment also at home healing from his wound. That group of Young Master and young ladies are ruthless, this money was as good as gain ……”

“Seal Yuan force to train?”

The Jiang Yi mind moves, if both sides do not use the Yuan force, only relies on the reaction rate and Martial arts. He can rely on black Yuan force ability,and can make the reaction rate enhance several fold,and can perhaps work as gold medal trainer in inside?

Does not have Yuan force to back them, even if that group of Young Master and young ladies reaction rate is fast, How fast can they become?In Regards to the Martial arts, who will fear them?

“12 Purple coins a Day? Must fight,Lets try!”

Jiang Yi heart grew more and more excited, it doe not feel good being punched ,hesitated for a while, clenched his teeth to walk towards the Wu palace side gate,cupping one hand in the other across the chest to say to the two black protect guards: “I want to register as Sparring Partner!”


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