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Ashuraking – After watching various anime series,ashuraking started read mangas and novels. Starting from the light novel Irregular in Magic School, he stumbled upon Baka-Updates and discovered Chinese web novels. From there, he discovered Chinese web novel translations such as Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations.It was WuxiaWorld of Lord Ren that made me a lover of Xianxia.It was love and addiction for reading Chinese novels that propelled me to learn and get an idea of Chinese Language.The name Ashuraking, out of which Asura comes from my favourite Novel Martial God Asura and King (Raja/Indian Language) is my real nick name.

Ashuraking is currently working on :

  • My Fury Will Burn The Heavens ( 焚天之怒 / Fen Tian Zhi Nu)



Areslucifer – After watching various anime series and reading various manga series, I shifted attention towards manhua, as the chapter release are very low I started reading the light novels of manhua, Then i started reading Coiling Dragon, Zang Long , The moonlight Sculpture, Doulou Dalu, It was WuxiaWorld of Lord Ren that made me a lover of Xianxia. This made me read other novels in machine translation and also learn chinese language as it was difficult to read in machine translator. The name  ” AresLucifer ” is made of two name , ” Ares “ who is actually the war god in Greek mythology, and ” lucifer “ is the devil king and also mine one of the favourite character from Devil May Cry game……


Areslucifer is currenty working on :

  • War God – Asura ( 修罗战神 / Xiu Luo Zhan Shen ) By Kindhearted Bee (善良的蜜蜂 Shan Liang de Mi Feng) 

BlueJupiter- editor

I edit things, i decided to help out on this site while studying in med school. I’m a large fan of reading, computers, languages, and napping. also my girlfriend shes great 😀 (not posting this because she’s behind me or anything) I’ll be around, also i post my own original story on my site. which I’ll link to after I get permission. :)

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