Dragon Blood God Of War Book -1 Chapter 1-2

Hii Guys !

Just woke up…A few hours ago.Got fresh ,A nice Brunch that made my day and did some shopping . Sorry for no chapters yesterday but I got mixed up in some work.(You know right some catching up to do in Animes and Some new released chapters of novels to read.A man should have his vitamins right …..Lets leave it There)

All ready and set to start translating the MFWBTH chapters Marathon for the coming Week when thought about My New side project.

So updated the 2 translated chapters of it , Which were originally done by PotatoTrans . But he allowed me to use his chapters and continue the Project,So Hell Yah……

Enjoy the two Chapters for now and get ready for more and the original readers who waited for months for new chapter just have a little patience.I will start translating from the 3rd Chapter,So wait for it….

Here are the chapters .Click Here! 

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