War God – ” Asura “

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sorry guys for last one month there was some exams and some personal matters, which needed my attention. So I was not able to post it on the site from tomorrow onwards there will be regular chapters and donation chapters. if You guys want the story to progress , please fell free to donate, so that we can release as much chapter as much we can.

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War God – ” Asura ” Book – 1 Chapter – 12

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Sorry for late chapter update as for last one week i am not staying well, as for last two days i was having very high fever. so i am very sorry for the inconvenience and for late chapter release.

This is the second regular chapter of the week. There one more to go this week

As promised donations have started ,please help us by donation

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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Book 1 Chapter 19

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As you all know from this week there will be only three chapters a week.Chapters will be updated on Tuesday , Thursday , Saturday.All chapters will come around 6-8 PM.For more chapters you have donate.We are working on the donation forms and all,it will be ready for use very soon.

Each Sponsored chapters is 50$.As soon as 50 $ will be donated ,I will release the sponsor chapter very next day.There will be no queue or anything for me.So please donate and support us.

Now here is the first chapter of the week…

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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens Book 1 – Chapter 18

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So what’s up?

Yesterday there was no chapter.I know i promised 7 chapters this week and i remember it,3 regular chapters of this week are finished and 4 chapters are remaining.Today there is one bonus Chapter and other three will be your treat for the weekend .This will be the last week guys with such bonus chapters from coming week there will be only three chapters a week.

So if you want more chapters help me by donating.Donations will be accepted from coming week.

Here is the 4th chapter,3 more to go…….

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